Theatre time – Treasure Island

This is the time of year that gets me back into theatre photography, which I love.
It’s a huge challenge photographing the final dress rehearsal before the first night, as in most cases I have no idea where the action is going to be taking place on stage ! This requires constant rapid changes of exposure to cope with the varying lighting, as well as trying to focus through the fog haze.
This year’s performance of Treasure Island from Churcher’s College Senior School tested my skills to the limit with some exceptionally low lighting states in some of the acts, but I
think the results speak for themselves

Greenpeace video

Busy day yesterday filming with #greenpeace in and around Langstone Harbour. Four different locations, lots of script variations and dodging showers to film the aerial sequences with the drone. Thanks to Karen Pearsall for looking after some tricky sound issues (who knew wireless lavaliers could work that far away !)

#videoproduction #environment #sewage

How Professional Photographers Transform Your Brand’s Narrative

In today’s visually-driven world, having stunning photographs that effectively convey your brand’s narrative is crucial to success. While you may be tempted to cut corners and take photos yourself, nothing beats the aesthetic mastery and technical proficiency of a professional photographer. In this article presented by Chris Pearsall Photography, we will discuss why professional photographers are indispensable in crafting a brand’s narrative.

The Art of Aesthetic Excellence 

First, a professional photographer brings aesthetic mastery. Professional photographers have a trained eye for composition, lighting, and colour that amateurs simply cannot match. They know how to create captivating images that evoke emotion and tell a story. When you hire a professional photographer, you can trust that they will produce high-quality images that truly represent your brand.

Technical Precision 

Secondly, skilled photography experts have technical proficiency. Professional photographers understand the technical aspects of photography such as camera settings, lenses, and lighting. They know how to achieve the desired effect and can adjust their approach as needed for different situations. They also have access to high-end equipment and software that amateurs may not.

Reap the Benefits of Consistent Branding

Thirdly, with a professional, your branding looks consistent. Professional photographers work closely with your brand to create a consistent look and feel. They understand your brand’s values, style, and tone, and can incorporate those into the images they create. This consistency helps to build brand recognition and makes your brand memorable.

Tailoring Your Brand Story

Fourthly, pro photographers usually offer a tailored approach. Professional photographers take the time to understand your unique needs and create a customised approach for your brand. They may suggest different types of images or settings depending on your brand’s niche and target audience. This tailored approach ensures that you get exactly what you need to effectively tell your brand’s story.

Innovative Techniques 

Lastly, an experienced photographer usually provides innovative techniques. Professional photographers are constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with new techniques. They’re always on the lookout for unique angles and perspectives that will help your brand stand out. Their innovative techniques help to make your brand’s narrative fresh and exciting.

Photographic Inspiration

You can create stunning marketing materials quickly and easily using a free platform like Adobe Express. Some ideas for using this platform include making a custom business card or a social media post that helps your business stand out from the competition. Here are some tips on what can be done with your photographs:

  • Make a Big Impact with Your Brand: Leverage the Adobe Express Company Brochure tool to put together a professional brochure describing your company’s unique offerings and personality. Easily customise the layout to include captivating images taken by a professional photographer, and incorporate your brand’s colours and typography to stand out from the crowd.
  • Breathe Life Into Your Flyers: Create visually-stunning flyers with the Adobe Express Flyer maker that will captivate your target audience. Optimise eye-catching professional photographs and insert text seamlessly to convey your brand’s message and journey.
  • Give a Personal Touch to Your Cards: Construct unique cards to represent your brand using the Adobe Express Custom Card tool. Browse through various card options, leverage high-quality images taken by a professional photographer, and add carefully crafted text to generate an unforgettable card.
  • Tell Your Story in a Single Compilation: Utilise Adobe Express Express Booklet templates to create a comprehensive and compelling narrative of your brand’s story. Choose from a variety of creative templates, include arresting professional photographs to complement your content, and ensure a consistent typography and colour scheme for the ultimate effect.

In conclusion, top photographers possess the visual alchemy needed to transform your brand’s narrative into a powerful and captivating story. Their trained eye for composition, lighting, and colour, coupled with their technical proficiency, sets them apart from amateurs and ensures that your brand’s imagery is consistently stunning and engaging. By partnering with a skilled photography expert, you not only elevate your brand’s visual identity but also create a cohesive and memorable experience for your audience. Trust in the magic of professional photography to bring your brand’s story to life and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Ready to talk about your professional business photography needs? Get in touch with Chris Pearsall Photography today.

Today’s (windy) office















Today’s office. Set up for 40 group shots of graduates and their families and just before a gust of wind blew over that lighting stand straight onto my car bonnet resulting in a painful dent.









All that happened to the excellent Good 400 flash unit was a cracked handle !