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Shooting catalytic converters for wood burning stoves in the studio. Now we just have to get all that soot off the ceiling… #productphotography #studiophotography

When you need new product photography but just don’t have the time…

All bagged up…

Beautiful leather and canvas luggage shot on location in the converted barn premises of Fur, Feather and Fin in the sleepy West Sussex village of Charlton.

Spinal tap

In the past 7 days we’ve photographed 192 people, 4 dogs, a home lift and a spinal column…

Anyone got a pin ?

This balloon shoot is growing…..  

Tassle Hassle

First #retouching job of the day was removing the tassles on these giant balloons and replacing them with hand-drawn ribbons

Nice enough to eat

A favourite from yesterday’s #food #photography shoot. Focaccia Romana with pulled pork and peppers. Yes, we did eat it afterwards and yes, it was delicious !

Winter fashion – in July !

There’s nothing quite like shooting #winter #fashion on the 6th of July ! Client: Fur Feather and Fin  Model:Imogen

Pull !

Another hectic week in the studio. 900 product shots of sweets and this morning, these rather fetching ladies shooting accessories !

A bird in the hand…

At The Bird in Hand, Lovedean this morning shooting a food feature for the Mail on Sunday Events pages this weekend.