A picture’s worth a thousand words (or 5,263 views !)

Firstly, I didn’t plan this picture. I knew HMS Queen Elizabeth was due to return on 10th December and as we were planning to visit Haslar Marina to check the boat I threw a camera in the back of the car in case the opportunity arose to get a few stock images for our library. I shot a few frames as she cleared the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour and then published one on LinkedIn. I normally have several hundred views when I publish a picture, but by the end of the first day I was already up to 400 views. This climbed day-by-day until it finally reached 5,263 views. I don’t know if it was the ship or my hashtags #marine #defence #navy, but it’s my most viewed picture to date, proving that the right combination of image and keywords on LinkedIn is a very good way to attract attention to your business.


It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it…

Every full-time professional photographer must have heard it time and time again…
“No wonder you get such great results with all that kit” and “If I had a camera like yours I’m sure I could take better pictures..”

For marine shoots from our camera boat I’ll normally carry two bodies and a range of lenses, but a couple of weekends ago we were heading out into the Solent with friends and they asked if I could get some shots of their new boat in action.

However, all I had with me was our “weekend” camera, my wife’s Nikon D3300 with it’s 18-55mm “kit” lens. Not an expensive camera by any means, but in the right hands it proved surprisingly capable.

I think the results speak for themselves….