Back in action !

Great for the team to be back at work today AND out the water at the same time ! Also rather nice to have a retired lifeboat as our shooting platform. It’s a lot more stable than a RIB !

We’d been booked to shoot the arrival of an oil platform support vessel arriving at Hythe Marine Park for our client Ambrey Shipyards, but the pilot decided the water was too shallow alongside and heading straight up to Southampton Docks instead !

Ambrey shipyard Hythe
Grampian Orcades

But we caught up with her eventually, tucking herself in alongside P&O “Britannia” !

A picture’s worth a thousand words (or 5,263 views !)

Firstly, I didn’t plan this picture. I knew HMS Queen Elizabeth was due to return on 10th December and as we were planning to visit Haslar Marina to check the boat I threw a camera in the back of the car in case the opportunity arose to get a few stock images for our library. I shot a few frames as she cleared the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour and then published one on LinkedIn. I normally have several hundred views when I publish a picture, but by the end of the first day I was already up to 400 views. This climbed day-by-day until it finally reached 5,263 views. I don’t know if it was the ship or my hashtags #marine #defence #navy, but it’s my most viewed picture to date, proving that the right combination of image and keywords on LinkedIn is a very good way to attract attention to your business.


It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it…

Every full-time professional photographer must have heard it time and time again…
“No wonder you get such great results with all that kit” and “If I had a camera like yours I’m sure I could take better pictures..”

For marine shoots from our camera boat I’ll normally carry two bodies and a range of lenses, but a couple of weekends ago we were heading out into the Solent with friends and they asked if I could get some shots of their new boat in action.

However, all I had with me was our “weekend” camera, my wife’s Nikon D3300 with it’s 18-55mm “kit” lens. Not an expensive camera by any means, but in the right hands it proved surprisingly capable.

I think the results speak for themselves….