Office Technology – 80’s style

This week we’ve finally started scanning just some of our massive archive of transparencies and negatives, stretching back over 42 years. These first pictures are from the Milk Marketing Board head office in Thames Ditton and were shot in the mid-80’s, shortly after they’d had their new ICL 9200 system installed. These should trigger memories for some people of twenty-four hour shifts and long nights feeding batches of punch cards into these huge beasts.

I guess these days we’ve probably got as much computing power in our MacBooks. My particular favourite is the gentleman at his desk with his pipe in his hand. Those were the days !










iPads – and the way we were long before Apple …

Spent some time this afternoon with my friend Nick, who has a few weeks off from driving his 747 and is trying to catch up on his photographic BA Degree course. Nick sensibly wanted to colour calibrate his monitors so I popped round to help him with the initial set-up. When we’d finished I caught sight of his latest toy, a very shiny new iPad. This piece of kit is a photographer’s dream – and I want one ! Light as a feather, brilliant colour rendition and very quick and easy to use.There must be a place for one of these in every ‘togs gadget bag !

This got me thinking about the technology we were using (and photographing) twenty years ago. In those days we had a lot of clients in the burgeoning computer business and I travelled the length and breadth of the country for the likes of Data General, ICL, Olivetti and IBM, photographing new users and their installations. I then thought it would be fun to share a few of of these images. Some of you will remember these, others will simply wonder how the hell these things ever worked ! Anyway, here they are – a little look at the way we were…

A youthful David Bellamy helps this cheery lass boot up her Data General system in 1983

Deidre loves her new Olivetti PC and printer.. “Wait till the girls in the typing pool see this !”

Sebastian enjoys interfacing with his new InterTec SuperBrain . . shame about the glasses..

…and here’s Sally with her cool new word processor . . mind those pearls in the printer Sal !
This ICL system was standard for a big office – you probably have the same power in your laptop !

Now…where did I put that disc? . .