That was the (expensive) week that was . .

This is not just a lens…this is a Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED lens…”

and it’s probably one of my favourite lenses of all time. At least it was until last week . .. when I broke it. I did something I always tell other people not to do, and that is to put the camera down on the floor – or in this case the walkway of a large offset printing press I was shooting for Japanese manufacturer Komuri. I turned round to check the lighting, stepped back and neatly launched a D700 body and 1500 quid’s worth of glass 18″ onto a solid concrete floor. The real fun started when I phoned Nikon Professional Services to be told that they had spare parts, but no loan lenses available. Decide hiring is impractical (nearest is central London) so prepare to muddle through the next week without a mid-range zoom.
NPS did however come up trumps in the end, fixing the lens in 3 days. I say fixing, but it has been so totally rebuilt that it now even has a new serial number. For my part, I’m now £456 poorer than I was at the beginning of the week….
Moral of story . . never, ever, ever do that again !