Video killed the radio star . . .

…. and it’ll probably finish off a few photographers if we start having to carry kit like this around all day! The big buzz word of the moment seems to be “convergence”, mostly as a result of the new breed of digital SLR’s capable of capturing HD video. Some say that photographers will need to diversify into video to survive – others that film making has it’s own specific skill sets and should be left to those whose business it is.

I fall firmly into the second camp, purely because I have had experience of professional video production and appreciate how difficult (and expensive) it is to do it properly. Now, I have seen sample movies shot on the Canon 5D MkII and the results are spectacular, (check out “The Last 3 Minutes” by Shane Hurlbot ), but this is the craft of experienced movie makers.

Even for a highly talented stills-shooter, the level of new skills needed to take full advantage of this democratisation of filmmaking will be difficult to justify and costly to achieve. I’m sure there are potential clients out there who will jump at the offer of stills and video in one package. But how good will the results really be – and how much more (if any) will they be prepared to pay ?

I for one will stick with stills. I know I can say more in 1/500th of a second than any videographer can say in 30fps….