Do you need professional photography for your business ?

The following article was written by Detroit-based photographer Rosh Sillars:


“As business continues to migrate to the Web, the quality of a company’s internet presence is more important than ever.  An estimated 80 percent of your prospects go to the Internet to review your company or search for your product or service. Are they finding you?

Most likely, your company is using its resources to create a beautiful Web presence. In addition, you might be using Internet advertising, search engine optimization, direct mail or traditional advertising to drive traffic to your Web site.

But, did you know that your company only has about 3 seconds to grab a prospect’s attention. Is it working?

Great design, exciting headlines and beautiful photography are attention grabbers. Do you have these on your site? If you are missing one of these elements, your company is losing opportunities and money.

It is common for search engines to grab photographs from your site to display when related key words are requested. Do your images stand up on their own? Do they represent your company well?

Good graphics and illustration can substitute for photography on a well-designed Web site. But, do not underestimate quality representation of your people, products, environment and services.

Investing in a quality marketing plan and building a reputable Web presence is an important part of doing business today. It is common for companies to spend a lot of money for what amounts to imagery place holders that are going to sell their product or service. Unfortunately, many campaigns fail because companies refuse to invest in the quality images that represent their business.

“Good enough” is not good enough anymore. We work in a global economy. Your company isn’t only competing with other local businesses, it’s going up against the quality and reputations of businesses around the world.

Take a look around. Exciting imagery creates great impressions, reputations and stirs the imagination. Photographs are everywhere because they work. Stock and dollar photography has its place. Most stock photography is generic because that is the type of photography that sells. Stock photographers make a living creating images that can be used multiple times and give the mass stock photography buyers what they want: average.

If the goal of your company is to grow and stand out from the crowd — generic and average will not do. Poor photography delivers poor results. Average photography offers average results. Generic stock images do not show a company’s unique professional image.

Don’t make one of the most powerful elements in your marketing plan an afterthought or a student project. It’s the future and growth of your company. An experienced professional photographer’s images will support your marketing campaign, create the desired business image, attract more prospects, encourage more sales, and ultimately earn your company more money.

Don’t compare rates, compare portfolios.” – R. Sillars