How Domino’s Pizza can ruin your day . .

A very special thank you to the pond-life driving this Domino’s truck, who parked in front of our camera position (on double yellow lines) in Maidenhead for over an hour and a half today. This meant we lost the light we had been waiting for on the building development over the road. I hope the council and food safety police get you next time …

4 thoughts on “How Domino’s Pizza can ruin your day . .

  1. There's never a cop when you want one – hey Chris?
    On the other hand, I'm sure if you had tried to photograph some public building downtown you would have found half a dozen blue-jobs all eager to arrest you as a terrorist!!!

  2. Love the look of the blog Chris, I'm surprised you didn't set up on top of the lorry… might have been a great angle until he drove off!

  3. Very sorry that our delivery lorry was in your way – but I think calling him pond life is a bit harsh. These guys have an important job to do too and a very tight schedule to keep to. That's the place they always have to park for that store. If you are doing photos near a Domino's again, feel free to email and we'll let you know when delivery day is to stop it happening again.

    Apologies again,

    Georgina Wald, Corporate Communications Manager, Domino's Pizza.

  4. Georgina, you gotta be kidding! Double Yellow lines are there for a reason, not an incentive for Domino's to take the piss. And for 1.5 hours ? Were they 'making' the Mozzarella as they delivered it ?

    Chris, did you ask the van drivers if they would move ?

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