We are sailing . . .

An interesting shoot last week with specialist navigation technology company ECDIS Ltd in Fareham http://www.ecdis.org.uk/.  ECDIS provide navigation training and consultation in Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) for commercial and military shipping and has one of the coolest simulators I’ve seen in a long time.  If you stare at the screens for too long and you don’t have your sea-legs the effects are so good you’ll probably be reaching for a bucket ! Back behind the camera I had been tasked with building a core photo-library for the company to use for PR, promotion and marketing support. The kit gave us loads of opportunities for good visuals and we finished the day off shooting shipping in and around Portsmouth Harbour.

      Close up detail… lovely

A quick bit of Photoshop work produces a management team photo that’s just a little less boring…

The Transas simulator with a rather rough North Sea.  All in one take – no screen dumps !

2 thoughts on “We are sailing . . .

  1. Chris,
    Very good shots. It seem to me that I miss this “magic view” when making photographs. Mine look rather simple, I wouldn’t admit myself saying boring.

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