Terminal Velocity (or sows ears and silk purses….)

The last Monday in March found us on site at the new Portsmouth Cruise Terminal, booked to shoot some glossy interiors and exteriors of the new building which was opening it’s doors on April 1st. Now the date alone should have been an omen – the weather was dull and grey and as we entered the terminal it was painfully apparent it was still very much a “work in progress”. As we were walked around by the port manager, our client started looking a little distressed and started asking if there was anything at all we could possibly make from the mess ! It was obvious overall shots of the interior were out of the question so we resorted to creating “teaser” shots to get the feel across.
Outside areas were a little easier, but in all cases I had to do several hours subtle retouching to supply a selection of viable, professional-quality images.
The client was delighted and our final pictures got good exposure in the both the regional and specialist press.

Below are some “befores” and “afters” to show what we had to do . .